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Attention Youth Leaders This is The Ultimate Site For Your Ministry 
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This world is a hard place to raise teenage boys and girls. With so much evil all around it is important to make sure your teenager is ready to face their daily battle. From social media to t.v., the endless bombardment of worldly things are overwhelming are teenagers.
 What things are your teens learning when you are not around? As a parent or a teacher it is so important to make sure that your teen is getting the education that really matters.
This website has everything you need as a youth leader. You could get started right away even if you have never been involved in a ministry before. 

With so much information in one place this will be your resource headquarters for information on teaching. With two new bible lessons every week and over 150 in the archives this site will keep you and your class busy for years to come. 

Here are just some of the categories:
  1. Ice Breakers                              
  2. Internet
  3. Love
  4. Marriage
  5. Members Only Posts
  6. Middle School
  7. Money Management
  8. Music
  9. Nature and Enviroment
  10. Office and Organization
  11. Outreach Ideas
  12. Overcoming
  13. Parents
  14. Peer Pressure
  15. Personal Rights
  16. Politics
  17. Pop Culture
  18. Poverty
  19. Prayers
  20. Privacy
  21. Prom
  22. Racism
  23. Reality TV
  24. Reflections
  25. Religious Freedom
  26. Reports

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